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Cake Flavours

Using fresh ingredients and with my own refined recipes, you will be sure to have a delicious cake for all to enjoy.

Each tier of your cake can be a different flavour to please all of your guests. If you have a particular favourite, why not have it as your top tier and keep it just for yourselves?

Victoria Sponge

Vanilla sponge with a vanilla buttercream and a choice of raspberry or strawberry conserve. [V]


Rich Chocolate

A rich chocolate sponge layered with chocolate buttercream or ganache. [V]


Zesty Lemon

A zesty lemon sponge layered with homemade lemon curd and/or lemon buttercream. [V]


Chocolate Orange

A rich chocolate sponge infused with orange zest, layered with chocolate orange buttercream. [V]


Simply Vanilla

Simple but elegant vanilla bean sponge and vanilla buttercream layers. [V]


Carrot Cake

A classic carrot cake infused with cinnamon and ginger with a vanilla or cream cheese flavoured buttercream.


Black Forest

A rich chocolate sponge with layers of vanilla buttercream and black cherry compote.

Salted Caramel

A caramel flavoured sponge with homemade salted caramel sauce and/or salted caramel buttercream.


Red Velvet

A classic red velvet sponge layered with a vanilla or cream cheese flavoured buttercream.


Cherry Bakewell

An almond sponge layered with vanilla buttercream, almond pieces and cherry conserve. [V]


Raspberry & White Chocolate

A vanilla sponge layered with raspberry conserve and white chocolate flavoured buttercream.


Passionfruit & Orange

A fresh orange sponge layered with homemade passionfruit curd and sweet vanilla buttercream.



A delicate caramel sponge, layered with Biscoff flavoured buttercream and Biscoff drizzle. [V]


Traditional Fruit Cake

A family recipe, slightly lighter fruit cake with sultanas, raisins, cherries and spices. Optional additions of chopped almonds, marzipan or brandy/whiskey infusion.

[V] can be adapted to a vegan recipe.

Requests for 'free from' cakes will be created as cupcakes or an individual small cake. These will be prepared, baked and decorated separately to the main order to reduce the risk of allergen contamination.


Please be aware that no cake can be declared 100% 'free from' ingredients or allergens. All cakes are made in a kitchen that handles a variety of ingredients. Please notify me of any dietary needs on consultation. A list of ingredients and allergens are available on request.

" The biggest tier of our wedding cake, a moist, delicious chocolate sponge, soft and light texture with a rich sticky chocolate filling."

Mrs Rattle

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