Terms and Conditions


2.1 Ordering Procedure

All orders are subject to availability and acceptance, dates are not secured until a booking fee has been paid. Please provide a valid email address and phone number so you can be contacted at any time, if necessary. Order forms are emailed once details are discussed and finalised between clients and Primrose Cakes. It is the client’s responsibility to check accuracy of details when receiving the order form.                                                                                                                                                                                        

2.2 Payments

An £80 non-refundable booking fee is required to secure an order with its booked date. By paying the booking fee, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions outlined in this document, acting as a purchase & sales contract.

Booking fees are required to secure your order and selected date, dates are not reserved until the booking fee is paid and are subject to availability. Not only does the booking fee secure your date, it also guarantees that you will be the only order within that week. Orders places within 2 months of the wedding date (a.k.a short notice orders) require full payment within 48 hours of receiving the invoice. 

The outstanding balance is due a minimum of 2 months before your wedding date. Deadline dates will be discussed in advance and outlined on your order form; a reminder of your payment deadline will be emailed. The outstanding balance may be paid in full or by instalments (agreed in advance). Failure to meet any payment deadlines will result in a cancellation of your order. All payments can be made via PayPal, BACS, debit/credit card or cash. Invoices, order forms and receipts will be given to you via email, in person or can be posted. Vouchers (also known as Gift Vouchers) may be used to pay towards wedding orders, please see section 2.8.


2.3 Delivery & Collections

Delivery and set up fees depend on your venue location and if the cake requires stacking and/or decorating at the venue. Your delivery and set up fee will be quoted accordingly. 

*Any orders placed with a booking fee payment from the 26th March 2022 will have an estimated delivery fee. The delivery fee will be calculated before the final balance is due and based upon the fuel costs at the time.

Please provide contact details for the wedding coordinator or venue representative. Primrose Cakes is happy to contact the venue or coordinator directly to discuss suitable delivery and set up times. The client is responsible for the cake once it has been delivered, it will be left in the best and expected condition and a signature is required to agree with this. The signature can be provided by the coordinator or venue representative should the client not be available. 


2.4 Designs and Changes

An exact match to your colour theme and décor is not guaranteed due to the nature of different materials used to create your cake. Providing material and colour swatches and other examples will be helpful in determining the design you require. Sketches can be provided to visualise and finalise the cake design.  

Should you require fresh flowers on your cake, it is highly recommended to use the same florist that is providing any bouquets and décor. It is the client’s responsibility to communicate requirements with the florist to ensure the flowers or foliage are non-toxic. The freshness, quality, type of flower and colour will be the responsibility of the florist. Any information of non-edible items within or on the cake will be provided to the venue, it is the client’s responsibility to communicate with the venue to ensure it is not served to guests. Primrose Cakes is not responsible for any decorations added to the cake once delivered. You will have been advised on how many portions your cake will provide, a cutting guide will be provided to the venue to suit what was discussed. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the venue uses this guide to reduce the risk of being under or over catered. 

Please ensure that any changes to the booking and/or cake design is made at least 3 months before the booked date. No changes or alterations can be made after these dates as some supplies may need to be prepared or purchased in advance. Any changes to your order, at any time, may incur additional charges. 


2.5 Cancellations, Postponements & Refunds

You have a right to cancel your booking at any time up to 2 months before your wedding date. Booking fees are strictly non-refundable, within any time frame. 

Orders that are cancelled within 6 months of the booked date are liable to pay 50% of the order total. 

Orders cancelled within 2 months of the booked date will be charged the full amount invoiced and/or any outstanding balances paid to date will be retained.  This is to cover any business lost due to the original booking, any materials and ingredients purchased in advance and time taken to prepare the order. If a delivery/set up fee has already been paid, this will be refunded or used to offset any amount that is to be paid. Refunds are not available for any orders placed within 2 months of the wedding date (a.k.a short notice orders). 

Should you postpone your wedding, your booking fee may be transferred to a later date for any occasion within 12 months of the original date, dates are subject to availability. Any other payments that have been made may also be transferred to an alternative date within 12 months of the original date.

In the unlikely event that Primrose Cakes needs to cancel your order (for example, due to a serious illness), Primrose Cakes will give as much notice as possible if it is not possible to complete your order. Primrose Cakes will attempt to find an alternative company who can produce your order of an equal standard. You will be entitled to a full refund, including your booking fee. Primrose Cakes highly recommends all clients take out wedding insurance to cover any form of cancellation, whether by Primrose Cakes, other suppliers or outside factors. 


2.6 Ingredients & Allergies/Dietary Requirements

Cakes are made with fresh ingredients (no added preservatives) for your booked date. It is recommended that you consume the cake within 48 hours to get the best quality. Please follow storage instructions and advice given by Primrose Cakes specific to your order. A full list of ingredients and allergens for each order can be supplied upon request. Any information regarding allergens and non-edible items will be given to the venue on delivery, which can be communicated with all guests. It is the client’s responsibility to declare any form of dietary requirement for the order. Please be aware that no cake can be declared ‘free of allergens’ as all cakes are made in an environment where allergens are used. However, the best care is taken to use allergen free ingredients and equipment, should you request it. 


2.7 Cake or Cupcake Stand Hire

Primrose Cakes has limited stands available for hire. A refundable damage or loss deposit is required and charged according to the type of stand supplied. The damage or loss deposit will only be refunded (within 48 hours after return or collection) when the stand is returned/collected in its condition stated on the hire information form. Primrose Cakes will retain any deposit should the stand be damaged, deemed unusable or lost. Hired stands must be returned to Primrose Cake within 5 days of the event. A collection fee will be charged should the hired stand need to be collected from the venue by Primrose Cakes. Primrose Cakes is also able to hire cake stands on behalf of clients from alternative suppliers (third parties). The amount charged will be included on the invoice/order form and include the suppliers name and the loss/damage deposit amount. Should the third party stand hire incur a damage or loss charge, the charge will be passed onto the client and is expected to be paid within the third parties own policy or terms and conditions.


2.8 Vouchers

Vouchers (also known as: complimentary vouchers and gift vouchers), come under the above terms and conditions. Complimentary vouchers cannot be used for wedding orders. It is the client's responsibility to contact Primrose Cakes within the stated notice period and before the expiry date. The value amount (GBP£) stated on the voucher is final, no change or credit will be given. Vouchers cannot be used towards a £80 booking fee. Primrose Cakes is not responsible for vouchers that expire or vouchers that are lost or damaged. Additional purchases can be made that are beyond the value of the voucher, a quotation will be given and payments taken as per the standard ordering procedure. Vouchers and gift vouchers must be given to Primrose Cakes on booking, bookings will not be confirmed until the voucher(s) are in Primrose Cakes' possession. Each voucher is tracked by an individual code or authorisation date to ensure no copies are made. Failure to complete the order, where a voucher has been used, will result in losing the purchase and the voucher value.


2.9 Privacy Policy / Data protection

All client’s personal information and details (such as, addresses, telephone numbers, email address etc.) will be kept on file for up to 3 years. Primrose Cakes cannot access any bank details when paying with card via phone. Primrose Cakes will not share any of this information with other individuals or companies. Please read our privacy policy by clicking HERE


2.10 Publicity and Advertising

Photos of your order will be shared on social media sites as well as Primrose Cakes’ website and other advertising platforms. Should you send photos of your cake to Primrose Cakes, this will be seen as permission to share, unless otherwise stated by the client. Credit will be given to the photographer, if known at the time. 

If you have any questions regarding the above terms and conditions, please contact me.