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What is the best cake flavour? The Top 5 Cake Flavours at Primrose Cakes...

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

About 4 years ago I created an official menu for all the cake flavours I had ever tried and tested. I wanted to be able to provide a variety of flavours for customers and I also created adapted recipes for cupcakes. I have recently reviewed my menu and you can now take a look at the range of recipes I offer.

Many customers often start with asking about the design of a cake or my availability. The flavour of the cake is always discussed last and sometimes a bit of an add on to the order! I got thinking and wondered if perhaps the flavour should be the main event instead?!

*Number 1 - Rich Chocolate

My absolute, most popular flavour ordered is Chocolate! My recipe has a deep cocoa flavour, slightly sweetened by vanilla and a smooth chocolatey buttercream layered in between. I have a good trick to keeping it moist too... which must be why so many people come back for it! It is ideal to have this coated in a creamy milk chocolate ganache if having a fondant covered cake, or a thick layer of the luscious chocolate buttercream.

*Number 2 - Classic Victoria Sponge

You can't beat a classic?! This is a very close second place! My classic vanilla sponge was first perfected around 2011. Light and fluffy, with structure that still holds well in tiered cakes. The sponge is complimented by a smooth, sweet vanilla buttercream and a fruity strawberry conserve, or sometimes raspberry! Also complimented by a white chocolate ganache.

*Number 3 - Zesty Lemon

Third place is my zesty lemon cake. This recipe has plenty of lemon zest and juice, no lemon flavourings here! I add a layer of homemade lemon curd (as tart as it comes!) and a layer of sweeter lemon buttercream. My homemade lemon curd is vegan friendly so it will suit dairy and egg free orders too. This would be my absolute favourite and in the past I have added meringue pieces to the buttercream to give a bit of texture.

*Number 4 - Chocolate Orange

I use my rich chocolate cake recipe with added orange zest. The zest gives the sponge a bit of freshness and its balanced perfectly without being too strong. I sandwich the layers with a smooth orange chocolate buttercream.

I use this exact recipe for my Terry’s chocolate orange drip cake, with added segments, of course!

*Number 5 -Red Velvet

It's my most recently perfected recipe. I have tried so many recipes over the years and I finally have the right mix of cocoa and subtle tang with enough moisture in the sponge. It can be sandwiched with a cream cheese flavour buttercream or as most prefer, sweet vanilla. So many people love it for the colour as well as the unique flavour. It has a moist texture but still holds up well in tiered cakes. White chocolate ganache is a great paring if covering in fondant.

I often wonder if customers order a particular flavour that is the recipients favourite flavour or a flavour that they know everyone can enjoy. I have more recently introduced Biscoff flavour to my menu, an ever growing popular flavour (give it 2 months and it would be in my top 5 I think!).

Most of my cakes can be adapted to suit any dietary need, you just need to tell me what the requirements are

and I will work my magic. I also adapt these recipes to suit cupcakes, which are just as popular.

Check out my next blog where I will be talking about Vegan and free-from cake options.

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