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How do you order a wedding cake?

Have you recently got engaged or started planning your wedding?

Not sure where to start with your cake?

Most of my enquiries will come in around 12-18 months before the wedding date. This is an ideal time to plan and prepare the design and have a full conversation about your requirements. Many couples enquire once they have set a date with a venue. I do think it’s best to look for your cake maker once you have set a date and know where your wedding will be too. I will take any enquiry that is up to 2 years ahead of the wedding date.

Things to consider when you enquire...

How do you view your wedding cake? Is it something that’s is vital to your special day? Will you be using it as your dessert? Will you cater for all your guests? Do you want it to reflect your personalities or have a particular theme?

I recently signed up to Pinterest for my business. I’ve used it for a long time, but realised its potential for my cakes and for keeping themes and inspiration all in one place. Check out my Pinterest boards here. Most of the pins are not my own creations, but all the styles that I can create and would also love to do! I am gradually adding my own designs to the boards.

Not only can I provide you with inspiration but Pinterest is a great way for you to provide a mood board for your wedding cake too. I work a lot from inspiration from couples - images of cakes they like and also what their decor or themes will be. Images are a great way to make sure both myself and clients are on the same page with the cake design. I can try and match colours and patterns as close to your images provided, but giving me samples of fabric or invites is even better!

How does it work at Primrose Cakes?

One of the first things you should do is check my availability and make sure I am able to cater for your date. If you do not have a date yet, feel free to still enquire for a guide price. Contact me with your date as soon as possible, so that I can check the diary and then you can also pay a booking fee to secure it. In the mean time, you can also purchase a cake sample box.

My cake sample boxes are available every 3-4 months, and will be 6 different flavours to try. They are £24 and give you a great insight into the flavours I can create. Ordering a cake box doesn’t guarantee your wedding cake order but it can help you decide what flavours you’d like and if you’d like to book me! Plus, if you proceed with your order, I’ll deduct the £24!

"I received the cake samples today, and they were absolutely delicious! I’ve only tried 3 out of the 6 so far, but we would be delighted to have you make the cake for our big day!"

An £80 booking fee is required to secure your date, but you don't need to have made up your mind on which design or flavour you’d like yet. Securing your date means that you will be the only order for that week - your order will get 100% of my full attention.

I offer free a discovery call (lasting approx. 15 minutes) for all wedding orders. We can briefly discuss your requirements and a guide price for the design you are considering. Once you have secured your order with me, we can arrange a full consultation (up to 1 hour) to discuss things in detail, get to know each other and I will provide a full quotation and invoice. If you haven't already tasted cake samples, these can be arranged for the consultation. During this time I can also sketch up the ideas discussed so you can visualise your cake. Take a look at some of the designs I have done before.

Most clients will like time to decide the design of their cake, and this is not a problem! I ask for designs to be finalised at least 4 months before the wedding date but the earlier the better. This gives me time to plan and purchase any special materials and equipment that might be needed and you are less likely to have any price adjustments close to your date. Once your design and invoice has been finalised you can sit back and relax knowing that it will all take shape for your special day.

Be assured that you can contact me if you every have any questions about your order and want to discuss them further. No question is too silly or to complicated and I will do my best to have an answer as soon as possible. Your outstanding balance will not be due until a minimum of 2 months before your wedding date, which can also be paid in instalments over time. All payments can be via BACS or debit/credit card.

I strive to make your wedding cake order to be a stress free as possible. Offering advice that best suits your needs and taking some of the work away from you. I will communicate directly with any venues or event organisers as well as florists or decor companies, if needed,

I have a various information on my website regarding cake samples, my full menu and also a price & portion guide too.

There is no charge to receive a guide price or a reply to an enquiry.

So if you're thinking of contacting, please do!

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